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Patentgate is an exclusive technology transfer service offered by Elandel Services. There are many innovative ideas and patents with a consistent yet unrealized potential. We help inventors realize their dream and turning their technology into business.
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Elandel Services is a member of the Luzzatto Group, one of the pioneers in the management of intellectual property (IP) with a proven success record since 1869, when Riccardo Luzzatto established his office in Milan, Italy. After four generations our reputation in the IP arena is going strong.
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We bridge between inventors aiming at maximum IP monetization and industry players looking for technology that can grant them a unique competitive advantage. We have visibility over the global, dynamic mine of intellectual property and direct access to market leaders that are willing to strengthen their IP portfolio.
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Our business development is based on continuous interaction with the client, making sure that his expectations, combined with the real market conditions, are met. We deliver detailed reports about the progress of the technology transfer process, including technology assessment, market analysis, identification of potential partners, communication of the value, negotiation of licensing or sale, until the deal is signed.
April 23, 2009

Elandel Services Lecturers at BizTEC Workshop

Two lectures about Intellectual Property were given by representatives of Elandel Services at the Technion in Haifa

Our Technology Transfer portfolio is being constantly updated and may already contain the solution to your needs.

Currently available opportunities include:

- Camel milk-based cosmetics
- Torque protective adaptors
- Durable lightweight concrete
- Email security and privacy
- Interlaced images and decoders
- Absorbent pad disposing units
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